What is mySuite?

MySuite is a collection of powerful web based tools designed to create quality customer relations and to speed up and organize corporate communications, both internally and externally. Our applications will boost organizational performance, increase productivity and improve profit margins. We provide support, hosting and version updates. There are no signup fees, no termination fee and no long term contract. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

And it's much cheaper than you think!

Live Chat Support:
An online tool that enables innovative, differentiated and fast real time contact with customers.

Customer Help Desk:
A ticket recording system that manages the flow of requests between a company and its customers.

Corporate Help Desk:
Similar to the Customer Help Desk, but used internally for providing support to employees.

Knowledge Manager:
A communication channel for sharing, disseminating and distributing corporate information among the members of an organization.

Job Manager:
An effective way to control, manage and track corporate tasks, with the option of grouping them into projects.

An instant messaging application developed to improve real time communication between employees.

Discussion Forum:
An online space where users can share and discuss information and opinions through a series of posts and replies.

With the knowledge and experience gained in its 12 years of developing business software, BraZip uses cutting-edge technology to create applications for the second generation Internet, also known as Web 2.0.Web based software such as mySuite use this type of web concept and design, and are therefore more affordable, easily installed and are accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

Web based software also has a lot less bugs, this is due to the fact that it is not depending on any of the hardware or environment settings in the OS that may usually cause a problem.Furthermore, mySuite is available anywhere, anytime and is platform independent. This means that it can be accessed the same way that people access their email, from anywhere and using any available browser.

Cross-platform compatibility: Web-based applications have a much easier path to successful cross-platform compatibility than downloadable software applications.

Updating: Web-based applications are always updated to the last release.

Immediacy of access: Web-based applications don´t have to be downloaded, installed and configured. You access your account online and they are ready to work no matter what your setup or hardware is.

Less memory requirements: By residing and running off provider servers, web-based applications demand far less end-user RAM memory than locally installed programs.

Less Bugs: Web-based applications are less prone to crashing and creating technical problems due to software or hardware conflicts with other existing applications, protocols or internal custom software.

Pricing: Web-based applications do not require the distribution, technical support and marketing infrastructure required by traditional downloadable software, allowing for lower prices.

Multiple simultaneous users: Web-based applications can be utilized by multiple users at the same time.

Data is safer: As companies take over the storage of users data, highly reliable redundant data storage farms will become the norm rather than the exception, and users will have much less of a risk of losing their data due to an unforeseen disk crash or computer virus.



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